Saturday, June 25, 2011

Armpit Hair

5: Wow I'm hot.

4: Modest are we?

3:  I think this pictures is great, 2.  5's in the middle with "P***" on her belly, and 2 is wearing and A&M shirt and 4 a UT over shirt. And, of course, 1 and I fill out the picture nicely with our gorgeousness.

2:  And don't forget your
armpit full hair.

2:  I love you!

4:  Bahahaha.  An armpit full of armpit hair, that is.

3:  2, why did you add an exclamation comment about an armpit full of hair?  That makes no sense. 

2:  Just to be "what class?" (class in unison) "non-nonsensical"

And if you didn't get it, that's a throw back to Latin class with a twist. 
"That doesn't make what class?"
Class in unison: "Sense"

And if you don't remember things like that from Latin class, then you weren't listening. Ever.

3, you know I adore you and your "armpit full of hair."*

*Notice the quotation is lifted from 4's post, after she laughed at you. Technically I never said you had an armpit full of hair.

4:  Bahaha. That's fo sho.

So my linguistics professor said "in glorious living color" the other day. Kind of ironic, I think. 

3:  hmph. Whatever. It was spat on in Latin class by the man himself during one of his more enthusiastic lectures. One piece of spit landed on my forehead and the other on my lip. That's what I got for sitting in the front row. Don't even tell me I didn't pay attention to him during those four years. I just don't remember the armpit thing. So there. 

2:  Oh darling, the armpit thing was in reference to your armpit. The one right above my shoulder with your hair falling across it and a shadow. If you glance quickly, it kind of looks like the hair is growing our of your armpit rather than your head.

Okay so that is a stretch, but still I said it just to me ridiculous.

3:  OH. (smiles sheepishly) Well that makes more sense 2. I can see now that it was 4 who was exacerbating things all along.  

2:  Rolling my eyes.

5:  Wow I'm hot!  

4:  Haha, nice 5.  And yes it was me all along. muuhahaha.



4:  In the event that, you know, unfortunate, natural-life events take a beloved one from you too soon, don't worry, you can turn that loved one into a diamond to keep FOREVER. I know you're intrigued.

Okay, or you could take a piece from a living individual and memorialize it forever. Not as grossly and creepily awesome.  

NO, I would never do this.

1:  I'm totally gonna steal some of your hair next time I see you! Ha!

4:  hahah...I guess I feel honored.

5:  What color would you like for us to make you when your time has come, 4?  The red heart is very lovely.

5:  I told mom about this and told her I would turn her into a diamond and when I show my children I will say "this was your grandmother" (In an old, withered voice, of course.)

2:  More importantly, would you mind if your ashes were split up in order to make earrings? Or would you prefer that you stay together as much as possible?   Come on earrings! Demanding that you stay in one piece postmortem is a little selfish, don't you think? 

1:  I don't have strong opinions on whether or not my ashes are split up, but I do have a strong preference on color. I would like to be the light blue color. None of the showy blues, greens, purples or other such nonsenses. Keep it classy, people. 

The origin of the blog.

2: Let's start a blog.

4: Why?

2: So we can gather followers...

4: No, you don't tell people you want followers!

2: Oh.